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Hey! It’s #nichetomeetyou! Thanks for visiting our blog, we’re excited to have you join the conversation.

Real talk.

Your business is like no other. Your marketing should be too.

Your brand probably started with one big light bulb moment that led to conversations and brainstorm sessions and suddenly, you were off the ground running with a name, a website, and a whole lot of wherewithal. Maybe you started with a marketing plan, maybe you wanted to try for word-of-mouth business growth or just crossed your fingers and hoped the stars would align because you have a good idea, good connections, and good work ethic. Maybe the stars have aligned! Maybe they aligned for a while but now things are plateauing a bit. Maybe you have new dreams of expanding but don’t know where to start. Maybe  you’ve been lucky enough to run off the fumes of new business buzz and organic growth through your personal network but you’re ready to implement some intentional strategy to expose your business to your target market. Maybe you’re brand has matured faster than you were ready for and you need your branding and marketing strategy to catch up. Maybe, just maybe… you’re ready to take things to the next level.

Your company is as unique as you are. It’s important that you get a press & marketing team behind you that will help you emanate that in every respect. by Niche is fired up and ready to help you wherever you’re at in the process.

We don’t do “clocking in”, applying formulas and following protocol and then moving onto the next manila folder.  We don’t do “copy & paste”. We are committed to creative solutions, relationship-based marketing, with a grassroots-approach. We have SO many ideas and are just bursting at the seams with good vibes and energy to bring to your organization. We want your heart, your mission, your vision to resonate through everything you put out into the world.

And then we want to see people find you. And like you. And LOVE you. And buy all your things!! But not because you paid a million dollars for a TV ad or a magazine ad. And not just to like your page on Instagram or write a comment on Facebook and then go away forever. But to get people as excited about your brand as we are. To foster genuine buzz and loyalty. To see website views, likes, and retweets turn into exciting new business for your company.

Available Services from our team of vibrant marketing professionals:
-Brand Conceptualization & Consultation
-Initial Analytics, Social, & SEO Diagnosis
-Customized Creative Solution Strategizing
-Social Media Planning & Maintenance
-Newsletter/Email Marketing
-Press Relations & Engagement
-Content Creation
-Graphic Design & Branding
-Collaborative Event Production
-Brand Launch Strategy

Send us an email at info@byniche.co to get started! We’ll sit down with you, hear you out, help you dream, and then get a gameplan in place. No pressure, no strings, just a team in your corner to be mobilized whenever you are ready!

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